Options for Team Development

Team Skills & Behaviors

Every organization has teams, however not every team is clear on what teaming takes.

There are all kinds of teams within any given organization, and there can be overlap of members who are part of multiple teams. The very nature of teaming and what it means to either be a “high performance” or a “value creating” team requires a multitude of different skills, behaviors and even models under which to operate effectively and cohesively.

For most, teaming is a journey that begins with understanding clearly how to operate within the team to achieve the desired results for the team, the organization, and the system as a whole in which the team functions.

Team leaders must select the right team membership, effectively clarify for the team its full charter, as well as manage stakeholders to be effective. These are all trainable skills that allow leaders to build teams, lead teams, and achieve team success. For many, an excellent team experience is an experience they will never forget. For team leaders, it is an opportunity to impact the lives of employees at a fundamental levels they may never achieve anywhere else.

It all starts with understanding the team’s purpose and team tenure – who is the the team serving and how long has it been a team? From there, team development can take shape.

Team Development & Team Coaching Packages

1_Teamwork  Communication

Team Orientation Facilitation

Level: For anyone in the organization

Learn to be a better team player by learning more about yourself.


  • Five Behaviors
  • Personal Development Workshop(s)
  • Personalized Assessment


3_Team Meeting

Team Performance Coaching

Level: For Intact Teams

Perform better as a team by learning more about yourself and your teammates.


  • PXT Select Profile Assessment
  • 1-hour Individual Assessment Debrief and Coaching Session
  • 2-hour Team Workshop


2_Creative Idea

Team Transformation Coaching

Level: For Intact Teams

Transform team performance through reflection, evaluation, dialog, and a clear team charter.


  • Five Behaviors Team Assessment
  • Team Leader Preparation Session
  • 3 Days of Team Workshop either as off-site or over a set amount of time.
3_Technical Team

Systemic Team Coaching

Level: For Intact Teams

Transform team performance for stronger impact in the wider organizational system.


  • Team 30 Assessment
  • Team Leader Coaching
  • Team Feedback & Strategy Session
  • 6-12 Months Team Coaching

Team Follow Up Coaching

Level: For Intact Teams

Utilize the expertise of a certified Team Coach within the meetings and sessions of your in-tact teams to ensure the working agreements and behaviors continue or when you sense the need to refresh the team approach.