Drama-Free Accountability
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Get step-by-step tactics and techniques to increase accountability and manage performance.

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Practice and Apply your New Skills with Your Coach

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Experience a Drama-Free Workplace

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Leading and Managing People can be Exhausting

If people don't take ownership of their responsibilities:
3_Money Waste

Deadlines Get Missed

3_Cost Statement

Teams Don't Work Together

2_Decision Making Confusion

Priorities are Unclear

3_Business Risk

People Get Fed Up and Quit

All that leads to frustration and constantly feeling exhausted. We want to help. Own Up! has given thousands of leaders and managers the skills and tools to increase productivity and accountability.  You and your business can increase those too.
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How does 9 weeks to Accountability work?

Choose your desired delivery method

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Own Up! can be delivered via the following methods:

  1. Online as self-paced videos
  2. Online via webinars with a live instructor
  3. In-Person  session


Practice and Apply the new Skills
2_Business Conversation
Everyone gets a personal coach and will meet with their coach  for 3 or 4 sessions to practice and apply the skills.  
  1. Coaching sessions are 45 minutes to 60 minutes
  2. Sessions are conducted via phone or video chat
  3. The coaching is managed in our online platform
  4. Your coach is your guide to help you learn your new skills
Get more accomplished in less time

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Once you Own Up!,  you will have more time to complete your tasks and spend more time coaching your people on new skills rather than trouble-shooting your reports.
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Own Up!® In Action

Get a taste of Accountability with Master Coach Jennifer T. Long


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Praise for Own Up!®

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We've been through this course and it is Excellent!! CanNOT say enough as to how effective, inspiring, and useful this information is!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Dana M.
CPA, Executive Financial Insights
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Our wins include increased communication, increased trust, empowerment, courage to take action, and growth based on personal accountability. The list goes on!

The Team at Maiker
Maiker Housing Partners
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 I thoroughly enjoyed the training and I got a lot out of it.  Your class was one of the most valuable training sessions that I’ve attended in my career.  I especially found the specific example of terms to use very helpful:  “Tell me what you think about that.”  “What do you think the solution is?” Thanks so much for the tools that I’ll no doubt use for many years to come.

advantage logo
Michelle M.
Inventory Manager, Advantage
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I just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you thank you again for your wisdom, insight and inspiration you coached into me last year. It is the planting of the seeds of wisdom that can be seen growing as I progress in my responsibilities and career.

Jonathan C.
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Put the tools to use today and tore it up….fantastic conversation with an employee (the “not making the phone call story”).  After which an engaging dialogue emerged that helped us learn more about each other and how we “operate” in a business environment. Thanks for the discussion yesterday...tremendous value.

James M.
Engineering Manager 2, Industrial Engineering (X51)
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I would say that the training so far has been invaluable because it provided me with tools and structures with which I can now be a more effective leader. It was the right training at the right time for me... I have already implemented much of the training in various ways to drive performance on my team and really peel back the onion layer by layer to understand what the core issues are...I am already finding myself being a better listener, a better delegator and a better manager based on the training.

Jamie M.
Marketing Director, Production Solutions
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This course provides a 360 view of how you relate to your team and ways you can improve not just your relationships but also performance and motivation. Jen is an outstanding instructor - very personable and relatable, and quick with a tangible example of an abstract idea. Thanks for a very interesting two days and I look forward to the individual coaching sessions.

John F.
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I attended the first training session with not the best of attitudes, but it was quickly changed with the enthusiasm of the instructors, the material being covered, class participation and by far the number one thing that sets this training apart from the others, is you practice what you learn. This has truly been the best training class I have ever attended and I continue to use the training material and what I have practiced on a weekly basis.

E. Hughes
Director/Planning, Northrop Grumman
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